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Anthelmintics (Dewormers)

Worms impair the health and kill more dogs than all other canine diseases combined. There is no permanent cure for dog worms; infestation is cyclical. Left unchecked these parasites can be transmitted to children as well as adults. Therefore, a regular dewormer treatment program is essential to avoid chronic and costly health problems.

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Brood Female Care

Happy Jack Milkade makes sure that the bitch has a healthy quantity of non-acidic milk for her puppies.

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Ear Remedies

Dog Ear Mites are parasites microscopic in size and common in dogs and pups. Happy Jack Mitex, a Treatment for Ear Mites, is highly effective. Ear Canker is an infection of the middle ear often resulting from ear mites or other bacteria. Our Ear Canker Powder, when used as directed, has proved most effective against the most stubborn cases.

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Flea & Tick Control

Of all the correspondence we receive, more people complain about fleas than any single concern, and for over 60 years we have offered the best in traps and dog dip for control of these pests. From our world-famous Kennel Dog Dip - the most effective on the market - to our Flea Beacon for household control, we have the products to help you be FLEA FREE.

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Mange Treatments

Our sarcoptic mange treatments are primarily formulated to bring relief to moist or dry skin irritations due to minor fungus infections and to promote healing and hair growth to areas affected. Sarcoptic Mange, minor skin diseases, hot spots, and summer eczema normally respond to Happy Jack Dog Mange Medicine within 48 hours.

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Skin Problems

Whether it be constant gnawing, itching and scratching or raw, tender foot pads - we offer an array of dog skin shampoos, conditioners and vitamin supplements for maintaining a healthy skin and coat.

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Vitamins & Supplements

Any doctor will tell you that the secret to longevity is maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle free of bone, joint and most other problems. If dogs suffer from arthritis, hip dysplasia, or joint and bone problems, keeping active can be very difficult. Our vitamins & supplements etc. etc.

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