Friends of Man's Best Friend is Happy Jack’s non-profit organization.

friends-dogIt was created to help the homeless dog and cat epidemic by fixing the issue at the source – avoiding the proliferation of unwanted pets in the first place.Through fund-raising efforts and substantial contributions of its own, Happy Jack works with the Lenoir County SPCA to offer coupons that help people get their pets spayed or neutered. Currently, we are subsidizing over 100 procedures a month. But there’s so many more to help.

The Lenoir County SPCA consistently receives up to 3400 homeless dogs and cats each year.

Most of those are due to unwanted and preventable litters. That doesn’t even include all the animals never brought in.
Euthanizing more of these poor creatures isn’t the answer. Building bigger buildings to hold them in isn’t the answer. Spaying and neutering is the answer.

For more information on spaying, neutering and the FOMBF Program, visit

If you’d like to make a donation to, partner with, or volunteer for the Friends of Man’s Best Friend Program, please contact Joe Exum at Happy Jack – 252-747-2911.