There is no greater nuisance to dogs and dog owners than fleas. For over 60 years, Happy Jack has offered the best in traps and dog dip for the control of fleas and ticks. From our world-famous Kennel Dog Dip – the most effective on the market – to our Flea Beacon for household control, we have the products that will bring relief and help you and your pets to be flea free.

  • Top Seller!
    DD-33 Flea & Tick Spray

    Eliminates fleas and ticks with an easy-to-use trigger sprayer. Plus, no aerosol noise trauma or solvent irritation.

    Happy Jack Dura Spot

    DuraSpot™ is an effective and easy to use patented flea and tick control formula that lets you treat your pets on your own.

    Happy Jack Enduracide Dip II
    Enduracide Dip II

    Recommended for smaller breeds of dogs, including toy breeds, as an effective treatment fleas and ticks. Available in 8 oz.

    Happy Jack Flea Tick Powder
    Flea & Tick Powder

    Our reformulated Flea & Tick Powder provides quick killing action and up to 14 days of residual control on dogs.

    Happy Jack Flea Beacon
    Flea Beacon

    The Flea Beacon is a simple and effective way to control without pesticides or professional exterminators, and at a fraction of the cost.

    Happy Jack Gardstrips

    A pack of 5, double-sided replacement sticky strips for your Flea Beacon. Keep sticking it to those fleas.

  • Top Seller!
    Happy Jack Kennel Dip II
    Kennel Dip II

    Our best-selling dip concentrate has been reformulated. It’s now even better than before.

    Happy Jack Paracide Flea Tick Shampoo
    Paracide Flea & Tick Shampoo

    Paracide Flea & Tick Shampoo kills fleas and ticks on dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens, as well as ferrets and horses (12 weeks of age or older).